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Pigeons Birds Know Way Round That is reason

Pigeons Birds

Mystery of how a pigeon can always find your way home eventually solved . The results of the research as reported by tribunnews.com , stating pigeon has a "map " that is able to lead him find direction when flying in a strange place .

This discovery dropped earlier theory which states that pigeons match the coordinates of a strange place to coordinate the cage and then reduce differences between them to find their way home .

To uncover the mystery, Nicole Balser , a doctoral student in biology at the University of Zurich , and colleagues observed motion of the carrier pigeon flew two groups with the help of Global Positioning System ( GPS ) .

Before the start of the study , researchers trained pigeons to fly out of the cage to the food storage warehouse which is about 30 kilometers from the cage . Researchers also trained pigeons to fly into the cage after getting food .

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When the experiment begins , the researcher brought to the third place carrier pigeon that had never known before. Distance of this place as far as 30 kilometers from the cage and food warehouses as well as have a variety of natural inhibitors that can block the view of the pigeon .

One group of pigeons have been fed , while the other group was left starving . " We wanted to know whether the pigeons that hunger will go to the cage and then headed to the barn or go directly to the food pantry , " said Blaser .

The results showed that both groups have a carrier pigeon  memory and priorities . The group headed starving while food warehouses that have been fed back into the house . Some pigeons fly to avoid obstacles topography but was able to return to the right path.

Based on this research , Balser believes that pigeons have cognitive abilities . Pigeons are not only able to determine the way home with his special ability , but also able to determine priorities . " Pigeons ' use ' head to fly , " said Balder .

The researchers believe that in a strange place pigeon is able to know of its existence and the existence of the cage . Carrier pigeons and birds are migrating uses a magnetic field , the position of the constellations and the Sun to help steer them fly .

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