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How to Choose a Qualified pentet Puppies Birds

Pentet or Cendet Bird

Burung Pentet

How to Choose a Bird pentet quality Puppies | I think most of you who know the birds will have no difficulty in finding a potentially good bird kurnag and good , but what would happen if the selection is the beginners who do not quite understand about this type of bird . Therefore we will give sebuat tips for beginners who like birds cendet to be able to perform the selection of candidates with good champion bird , noticed ini.Bagaimana How to Select Bird pentet quality Puppies.

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Puppies bird cendet potential champion or both :

1. Select the manly course

2. Although still young when all the males choose to have a neat and shiny fur .

3. Choose the width and half the large stems .

4. Bottom half inclined straight

5. Top Half mbetet ends slightly bent .

6. Nostril position as close as possible to the eye .

7. Big head rather papak

8. Bulging eyes . ( Read: ciri burung pentet jantan  )

9. Ideal body posture and stand up straight

10. The wings and legs tucked tightly grip .

11. Agile and a great appetite .

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