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Here's how to recognize walnut Gender blackthroat

Bird Blackthroat


This bird does look unique but very well known to the sound booms . Many in the market that offers this kind of walnut but what you already know to recognize a male or female gender . Let me discuss here om ...

Males Blackthroat

In general, differences in male and female blackthroat as written in the book " Caring for Birds chirp and Training " is as follows :

Usually Blackthroat  males have visible body posture upright

Blackthroat adult male has a black color in the throat

Blackthroat big-headed males , tend to be oval

Blackthroat males have a pen ( cloaca ) that stand out and there is a bulge of green beans with fur rawis

Blackthroat male thick -billed

Blackthroat male shrill , ngerol and varied song

Blackthroat bull -necked ladder .

While Blackthroat Females

The female is similar but tends berpostur round .

Blackthroat adult female has a faint color in her throat

Blackthroat females have a small head and round .

Blackthroat berkloaka female flat and there is only a hole to get out the dirt .

Blackthroat thin beaked females . ( read: jual kenari blackthroat  )

Blackthroat small female voice , monotonous song could compare it with the males in par variation of contents .

Blackthroat short-necked females .

Now anyone who wants to breeding bird ni is seen here yah om

Ok may be useful

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