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How to Create a New Twitter | List New Twitter

How to Create a New Twitter

cara membuat twitter

How to Create a New Twitter List Twitter or New it is also easy and free , guide how How to Create a New Twitter is accompanied with Full Color Pictures . If you already know how to make up and how to create an email , it means you also certainly also be how How To Make Twitter Baru.Tapi Nowadays if you did not already know How the New Twitter List , so here I'll show you how to create a Twitter with instructions pictures with step by step so it will be easier to direct practiced by you. if you already have an email directly to the process can create an account on Twitter , but if you are currently have an email please make first , there is also a guide to how to How to Make Email in Yahoo and Gmail gratisss In . OK Here I'll show you all how to How to Create a New Twitter Or Register New Twitter with ease and GRATISS .( Read: cara membuat twitter indonesia  )


Let's Start Create a Twitter Account

1 . Www.twitter.com Please enter the address in your browser and press enter , then it will appear on the Home page of Twitter as follows:

twitter 1 Account Services Offers

2 . Then you CLICK "Sign up " for subsequent registration process .

twitter 2


3 . Then fill in the registration form complete like the example below .

Full name : Fill in your full name

Email : Fill in your email address , Can Yahoo , Gmail and lain2 .

Username : Enter the username or twitter name ( nickname) you want .

Password : Enter the password , which will be used each time you want to log / log in to your twitter account . can be numbers, letters , or a mixture of numbers and letters . ( Do not enter a password or the password to your email . Enter a password that is different from your email password )

TIPS : Use a password that you can remember , but hard for others to guess , and do not use a password or password Birth date or yourname .

After you fill out all the forms already complete , the next step is Please Press the " create my acoount " Then will appear the image below :


4 . Having emerged as the above picture and then immediately wrote you click " NEXSTEP : friends " . after that image will appear as follows :

twitter 4

5 . Next we go to the page " friends " . Here we can import / include a list of friends you have who are on Yahoo Messenger , Gmail , Yahoo mail etc. . However , if you do not want to do it , please immediately press the button "skip import " . on to the next process , after you hit the " skip import " then the new page appears as follows:

twitter 5

6 . Figures show that your account has been created and now Live one step away to gain access to your Twitter account in full and enjoy sharing the facilities offered . Confirmation process is to do your email address is valid or not . nah Now Open Your email address that you registered on Twitter in the beginning was , and here I use a Yahoo email address . and if you use an address other than yahoo , same process . once you enter your e-mail or log on please open " incoming mail " . then you will get a message on Twitter . as follows: " Confirm your Twitter accont , ( the name you submitted on twitter earlier ) " as the example shown below :

step 6

7 . Then please Open the message from the Twitter message by clicking on the twitter , the contents of the message as the example shown below :

twitter 7

8 . Open the Book of Twitter by clicking the text / links are colored blue , as I circled in the example picture above , after you click on the message it will display a new page of Twitter , this indicates that your email address is valid and your Twitter account have successfully made ​​the show in the following picture :

Step 8 ( Read: cara membuat twitter terverifikasi  )

Well now When it appears a new page like the above means you have successfully created an account on Twitter . after you 've finished using Twitter , do not forget to " SIGN OUT " , Ok from now you also are able and know how to How to Create a New Twitter List Twitter or New . Well not easy to make an account on Twitter that ? ? . Guide to USING Twiter and you can see HERE ! ! . and perhaps today you wanted to build your Facebook ( FB ) or Want to Have A Blog DiBlogger.com . but if this time you again BT or SAD Maybe by reading the words Harleys | Word Options and saw 10 Funny Funny Videos This option will make your back Fres & enjoy . Thus tutorial how to apply the new Twitter , and hopefully you can help a little . and " SUCCESS FOR YOU ALWAYS "

UPDATE : If you are still confused with the Lama 's guide , you can Try Refer to the How to Apply diTwitter with New Display Also comes with Video

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