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BlackBerry Z10 Price Drops, Be Rp.2, 6 Million

Harga Hp Blackberry

Price BlackBerry Z10 this month has decreased very high , the originator of the BlackBerry 10 smartphone OS , which was originally present at very high prices , can now be purchased for Rp2 , 6 million alone . This information came from a reputable online store websites in Indonesia , namely Lazada , look , the price previously reached Rp 3 , 5 million , almost fell for BlackBerry Z10 Rp1 million . harga hp blackberry 

Problems such as price reduction is still arguably reasonable because it was one year more BlackBerry Z10 is acting , but if we look at the price initially , BlackBerry Z10 comes with a price of Rp . 7 million , the price is very expensive, which is present in the new Z10 BlackBerry Indonesia in 2013 ago . But now consumers have been able to bring her home only to Rp2 , 6 million guaranteed distributors .

harga hp blackberry

The decline in prices is fairly drastic BlackBerry Z10 is likely triggered by the presence of the BlackBerry Z3 Jakarta , where HP has a specification that is quite tough and berekelas and has a very affordable price for its class , yaknis ekitar Rp.2 , 2 million alone . The price to within 400 thousand, but the Z10 's BlackBerry as its less desirable because the BlackBerry labeled jakarta more desirable because they are new .

It may be noted , the Z10 specs BlackBerry is still superior to the BlackBerry Z3 , Z3 BlackBerry but superior in terms of screen . BlackBerry Z10 comes with a 4.2 -inch screen resolution of 1280 x 768 pixels at 335ppi screen density . The operating system used is the BlackBerry 10 OS . hp murah berkualitas 

On the side of the kitchen spur , BlackBerry Z10 is powered by Snapdragon S4 chipset processor 2GHz dual - core processor speed is paired with 2GB of RAM and Adreno GPU . There is also an 8MP main camera and 2MP front camera .

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