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Bird Murai Batu most hunted

Burung Murai Batu

Although only established in 2010 , trading centers of birds chirping in a New Way Cinnamon , Bogor , always crowded with shoppers . These centers here are famous for saving a fairly complete collection of birds .

In addition to the birds chirping , this place also sells a variety of ornamental birds . Consumers who were hunting birds can also buy the cage following the feed once in place .

The traders set prices varied bird . The most inexpensive types of finches are priced from Rp 30,000 per head . While there are expensive for magpie type of stone is priced at Rp 2 million to Rp 5 million per head . As for the magpie chicks stone valued at Rp 1.2 million per head .( Read: harga murai batu  )

Smith Rahman , a trader at the center of this bird , says , the price of an expensive stone magpie bird species because it has a melodious chirp , so many people are hunted . In addition , the physical form is also interesting bird with a long tail .

Although expensive, this bird still much sought after . " The birds get the good quality must have known how much it costs , here equal to the market value at the other place , " said Smith .

When KONTAN visited this center , quite a lot of visitors hunting magpie stone . They were busy moving from one stall to another stall to find the stone magpie is considered the most attractive .

One of them Arifian Budianto , visitors from Bogor . " I am looking for a humming bird stone to be maintained and will be included into the contests , " said Arifian .

Arifian said , he had been a customer at the center of this old and already has a network of merchants commonly provide custom humming bird .

He is willing to spend a little for the sake of a magpie in stone . After all , if included contests and win , the price can soar . Smith admits , many customers are looking for a stone to be included in the magpie contests .

Hence, he always provides a humming bird stone with the best quality . " Murai is famous in Indonesia , so many are looking for , " he said .

Smith himself received a supply of stones of a humming bird outside Java . Most of Sumatra , such as Medan and Aceh . " The quality of the stone magpie two areas that most good compared to other areas , " he said .

( Read: murai batu mp3  )

Other traders , Hidayat said Latif , a humming bird types are relatively hard to come by . Hence , the price of these birds become very expensive . In fact , he himself may not be able to sell this type of bird each month .

Latif also get a supply of stone magpie Medan and Aceh . In addition to stone magpie , traders also already have a supplier other types of birds . Sometimes they also get a supply of individuals who want to sell a pet bird .

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