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lampu emergency surya

Welcome to your first time berkunjumg to this blog , and welcome to those of you who have already returned frequently read posts of Maswar service . On this occasion I would munuliskan an article on the emergency lights . Until I wrote this article in my hometown still use the bulk power system , which is a KWH meter for one village . Again and again the lights went out and lit are common in our village , especially starting at six in the evening .(Read: grosir lampu emergency surya  )

There is a story , a few years ago I bought an emergency lamp or emergency lamp . At night when the lights went out in the house of course we still bright . All the neighbors were astonished and came home seeing us , why the light is still lit while the other goes out . More surprised to see a light that looks like a flame like light bulbs petromak listrik.Mereka but wonder about it . Please understand we live on the edge of the woods and some inhabitants who had not completed primary school , so seeing new things in the field of technology feel weird .

Then I explained to them about the workings of the emergency lights , and hopefully my explanation to my neighbors is also useful for all readers .

This lamp uses a voltage cracked dry batteries ( dry cell ) 12 volts . Emergency lighting that uses a tube lamp ( TL ) works with simtim inferter is to change the direct current into alternating current balik.Rangkaian inferter change 12 volts DC voltage to a voltage that is much bigger than I ever measure over 220 volts AC at 50 Hz approaching freequensi to be able to turn on the light tube or tube lamp ( TL ) .(Read: lampu emergency surya  )

The emergency lights in it also comes with a charging circuit the batteries . So when the AC cord is plugged into an outlet that will do the charging batteries . If sakalar position on the current electricity grid automatically goes out by itself lights on .

It is not the same of the types of emergency lights , but that's the general picture .

Similarly Maswar post service may be useful at this time .

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