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[2015-03-13] mWcsjBA0oOQi :

This brings up a lot of fnleiegs in me.I've spent so much time and energy fighting the stigma of superficiality that hangs like a growth on the entire field of fashion-- often overcompensating for it, I think, by being hyper-cerebral about my personal style or the fashion I like.I think that, like you indicated in your post, it's such a deeply-rooted systemic problem that it's almost not worth justifying an interest in fashion or style to other people. It sucks to be pinned as superficial or unimportant (or "too feminine" if you're a dude), but the more we feel like we have to explain and justify ourselves to people who can't be bothered to be open-minded, the more conventionally gendered society wins :/Until hobbies that are predominantly "for women" are valued or legitimized in the same way as others are for men, we'll have to continue to grin and bear it as acquaintances passive-aggressively imply that our hobbies and interests and passions are somehow less worthwhile or less 'real' than others. In the meantime, we can continue to advocate for the recognition of the value that we know is inherent in fashion and style. :)